#28 London’s calling

September 22, 2012

This is it, our last weekend away, the start of our journey home to Australia.

Last look at the Bandit

We have been staying with the Barbers again since Edinburgh, loving our time with Elizabeth, seeing the old terrace that will become home to her and Ed and baby Barber.
The realisation that this adventure of ours is almost over hit me at our final petrol stop on the motorway south of Newcastle (UK of course). Less than 100 miles to go and then we’d be selling the Bandit, our home away from home for the past four months. She has been a solid workhorse, not a dream bike, but she has got us safely everywhere we’ve wanted to go and we will miss her. I will miss the travelling more than anything.
And we will miss Elizabeth like crazy.

We watch Ed play football (rugby union) on Saturday afternoon. They win, of course.

Ed playing for YMCA (black and red)

I see once again why Liz loves the sense of community that comes with living in this part of the world. I am sure she will be happy here and, while I know she misses her Australian friends and family, she will find other friends here and eventually a job and the feeling of being at home. We will just have to be regular visitors and have her on FaceTime speed dial.
After the game Ed and Liz and Graham and I drive down in Russell’s Range Rover to London.
Marc and Jenny have booked an apartment and we will stay with the kids there tonight, with Marc and Jen tomorrow night and then Emma and her boyfriend will take our place the night after. Talk about bed-hopping.
M&J’s plane is delayed, and delayed again, so they arrive directly from the airport (from Istanbul) on Sunday morning. It is raining.

Grecian beauty … our Elizabeth

Ed not at Madame Tussauds

Not a great day for sightseeing and it seems every tourist in London has decided to visit Madame Tussauds waxworks. We abandon the two-hour queue, promising Ed and Liz a visit another time, and catch the tube again for the British Museum. At least it’s dry, warm, not too crowded and it’s free!
It’s time for Elizabeth and Ed to head home. Hugs, then tears in the lift back upstairs to the apartment. Glad we have Marc and Jen for company.
So this really is it, our last night in London, a pub dinner and trivia contest (we come third thanks to our in-depth knowledge of English TV shows haha).
In the morning, a taxi ride, airport express train and the boarding call to Dubai.


About grahamandjo

Graham (aka husband aka Harry to some) and Jo are fulfilling a long-held dream to revisit Europe; retrace some old paths from our mid-20s youth and forge some new ones. And nothing, not a daughter's pregnancy or mass redundancies at work, will stop us having the most awesome time. Friends, family and anyone else who's interested are welcome to drop by. Our trip is for 4 months; can't promise I'll maintain the blog that long. Photos can be found on Facebook if you know us there.
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